Devotion July 2019

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“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go . . .” Genesis 28:15a

This is July 2019. Its our anniversary here at this O.G. Road. A year has past! How time flies! Time may pass away but may our awe of God remain and grow as we recall the goodness and awe-some grace of God each time we are in this place!

God’s hand was revealed when we were wondering whether we should pursue a site in Payneham or make a bid for this place. Then God spoke to us through the Scripture verse above: ‘it does not matter where we go, what is important is that God be with us!’ Then came the sign of the palm tree pointing to this place being a place where God wants to build up His people – “ the righteous will flourish like a palm tree – a community of faith where God may build a ‘spiritual oasis’ of the Lord.

That God’s hand is upon us was confirmed when the palm tree transplanted into a pot in Maylands died, and then came back to life 3 weeks later, after faith was exercised. To fur-ther encourage us, we saw the sign of the double rainbow over NLCC on July 4th 2018 – the morning after the leadership had acted on behalf of the whole of NLCC – and dedicated NLCC to fully advancing the Gospel of God, and not worry about raising funds for the build-ing debts. This had from a revelation of God received by Ps. Catherine the day before.

And in between have been the many miraculous provisions of God, to many to list in this short letter. But let us remember them all. And be reminded that our God had promised to bless us and be with us. He is with us. Let us, in this our anniversary, re-dedicate ourselves to having God fully with us in our hearts. Let us joins our hands together to serve our God as His body, His family, His community of faith. Let us allow our Lord Jesus Christ to build us up to be His lampstand on the hill, His spiritual oasis to many that He will bring to us!

Happy Anniversary!
Ps. Chris & Ps. Catherine.