Fellowship Meals Return

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Assuming there will be no significant changes to South Australia’s COVID- 19 responsibilities and restrictions, NLCC will be commencing our fellowship meal after our bilingual morning service on 2nd August 2020.

Please note that these are the New Guidelines for Fellowship Meals:

  1. Each table can have a MAXIMUM OF 6 PEOPLE seated (adult and children included).
  2. Please do not move the tables as they have been positioned to ensure adequate distance between them.
  3. We will be SERVING FOOD AND DRINKS BY TABLE NUMBERS to avoid long lines and to allow for social distancing to be adhered to.
  4. Once seated during meal time, please REMAIN SEATED AT ALL TIMES at your table except for collecting food and drinks when your table number is called, going to the toilet or leaving the venue. Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 guidelines, we are not able to mingle around from table to table or around the activity hall like we previously did.
  5. When paying for the food, it would be much appreciated for people to bring the CORRECT CHANGE to the cashier ($4 per meal) as it would allow minimum delays in handling money.
  6. A plate of food and set of cutlery will be given by the serving team to each person collecting their meal. Please do not reach for your own nor go to the kitchen to pick up your meal.
  7. Upon finishing your meal, please leave all dirty plates, cups and utensils on the table. The rostered wash up team will come to collect them.
  8. During the meal time, please continue to PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES, keeping 1.5m from others where possible.
  9. Practice good hygiene whenever onsite.

We appreciate the adherence to these new guidelines to ensure safe and continued operation of our church. We thank you for your patience and cooperation!

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Psalm 133:1





  1. 每个桌子最多只能坐6个人(包括大人和孩子)。
  2. 请不要移动桌子,因为桌子被安排的位置是要确保桌与桌之间有足够的距离。
  3. 我们将会叫每桌的号码来拿食物和饮品以便避免排长队,从而保持社交距离。
  4. 当在午饭期间坐下后,请保持坐在你的位置上,除非当你的桌子号码被叫到的时候,你去拿食物和饮品,去厕所或是离开教会。可惜的是,因为现在新冠肺炎的准则,我们不能像以前那样和其它桌子以及在活动大厅里的人聊天。
  5. 当你为午饭付款的时候,请你准备好4块钱的零钱交给教会收款的人,这样可以减少不必要找钱的时间。
  6. 一盘食物,叉子和勺子将会由我们侍奉的团体交给每个过来拿食物的人,请不要自己挑选,也不要去厨房自己盛食物。
  7. 当你吃完饭后,盘子,杯子和餐具请留在桌子上,值日的洗碗团队将会过来收。
  8. 在午饭期间,请继续保持社交距离,尽可能的保持1.5米的距离。
  9. 在教会期间,请注意个人卫生。