NLCC COVID-19 Policy

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NLCC COVID-19 Policy – 18th March 2020

In compliance with Australian Government policy, it is proposed that:

  1. Church services will be modified for the present, and is limited to be under 100 people at each service. Fellowship meals will be suspended for the time being.
  2. Church services will be at:
    • 10.00 am
    • 11.30 am
    • 5.00 pm (bi-lingual)
  3. Unless involved in ministry duties, all are encouraged to attend only one service.
  4. All who return from overseas must self-isolate for 2 weeks.
  5. All who have a fever and respiratory (flu like) symptoms should seek to be tested for COVID-19.
  6. Social distance – All are asked to exercise social distancing (keep away at 2 arm’s length). Social greetings shall be non-contact, e.g. wave or bow, but not handshake.
  7. All who enter the Sanctuary and the Children’s Church will be supplied with hand sanitiser.
  8. All toys and equipment will be sanitised every week.
  9. All are encouraged to exercise good personal hygiene and common courtesies with regards to sneezing, coughing and handwashing.
  10. Further information as new Government notices come to hand



  1. 教会的崇拜时间在目前的情况下将会被更改,每次的崇拜的人数不能超过100人。教会团契的午餐和晚餐因为目前的情况被取消。
  2. 教会的崇拜时间将改为:
    • 上午10点
    • 上午11点半
    • 下午5点(中英文)
  3. 除了那些参与事工的人要履行职责,其他人都请只参加一次崇拜。
  4. 所有从海外归来的人要自我隔离两周。
  5. 所有发烧和与呼吸有关的病症(像重感冒)应该接受新型冠状病毒的检测。
  6. 社交距离 – 所有人都请保持社交距离(一个手臂的距离)。社交的问候应该是没有任何身体上的接触,例如,挥手,鞠躬,但是不能握手。
  7. 所有在礼拜天进入大礼堂和儿童教会的人会被给予含酒精成分的免洗洗手液清洁双手。
  8. 所有儿童教会的玩具和器材每周都会进行消毒。
  9. 请大家注意个人卫生,特别是打喷嚏和咳嗽时请用纸巾遮住鼻子和嘴巴,并洗手。
  10. 其它的信息依照政府发布的消息为准。


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