NLCC Reopening!

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NLCC COVID-19 Policy as from 19th June 2020

Welcome back to NLCC at O.G. Road!!

Within the provisions of SA Government COVID-Safe Plan (16 June 2020):

  1. We can now have services, in a modified format, as follows:
    a. Morning Bilingual Worship at 10:00am, as from 28th June 2020.
    b. Children’s Church at 10:00am, as from 28th June 2020.
    c. No fellowship meals until further notice.
  2. All attending should space out according to social distance of 1.5m. Within the restrictions of 4m2 per person, we can only allow:
    ● Maximum in the Sanctuary: 75
    ● Maximum in the Activity Hall: 75
    ● Maximum in Patience: 25
    ● Maximum in Children’s Church: 42

(These numbers do not include the staff-workers)

  1. Please do not attend if you have a fever and flu-like symptoms.
  2. Social distance of 1.5m apart recommended at all times.
  3. All who enter the Church will be supplied with hand sanitiser.
  4. All toys and equipment will be sanitised after each session.
  5. Please comply with the directions of the ushers and leadership regarding attendance and running of the services on-site including in particular areas and mingling.
  6. Exercise good personal hygiene regarding sneezing, coughing and handwashing.

新生命基督教会有关新型冠状病毒的政策 2020年六月19日



  1. 我们现在可以回到教会敬拜,以一种改变的方式,如下:
    a. 上午的双语敬拜,上午10点开始从2020年六月28日起
    b. 儿童教会,上午10点开始,从2020年六月28日起
    c. 没有教会团契的午餐直到另行通知。
  2. 所有来到教会敬拜的人都应该保持1.5米的社交距离。由于每人必须要有4平方米的空间的限制,我们只能够允许:
    • 大礼堂最多可容纳:75人
    • 活动大厅最多可容纳:75人
    • 楼上的母婴房最多可容纳:25人
    • 儿童教会最多可容纳:42人


  1. 如果你有发烧和感冒的症状请不要来教会。
  2. 应该随时保持1.5米的社交距离。
  3. 所有进入教会的人会被给予含酒精成分的免洗洗手液清洁双手。
  4. 所有儿童教会的玩具和器材每周都会进行消毒。
  5. 请大家服从教会迎宾员的指示.
  6. 请注意个人卫生,特别是打喷嚏,咳嗽并勤洗手。